ChinfluenCE maps China’s political and economic influence in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland through media analysis and research of elites.



The project aims at mapping Chinese political and economic influence in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. Currently, the geopolitical importance of Central Europe reflects dominant security issues such as migration and reactions thereto, or the European Union’s relations to Russia. However, recently the region has become increasingly attractive to Chinese investors, often with direct links to the Chinese state.

Project phases and outcomes

The project runs from July 2017. The research team conducts a content analysis of Czech, Hungarian and Slovak media and a social network analysis of key agenda setters influencing the discourse on China (journalists, politicians and pro-China businessmen). ChinfluenCE also runs an advocacy campaign aimed at spreading knowledge on China’s influence including publication of the results of the research to members of state administration, journalists, businessmen, NGOs, academia and broader public through the project website, policy papers, dedicated articles and public as well as closed events.

In August 2018, ChinfluenCE was joined by a Polish partner, effectively covering China’s influence in all V4 countries.

Research team

Ivana Karásková
Ivana KaráskováAuthor and Project coordinator
Filip Šebok
Filip ŠebokProject manager
Tamás Matura
Tamás MaturaProject coordinator for Hungary
Matej Šimalčík
Matej ŠimalčíkProject coordinator for Slovakia
Alicja Bachulska
Alicja BachulskaProject coordinator for Poland
Asia Research Centre (PL)

Barbara Kelemen
Barbara KelemenResearch assistant

Contributors (2017-2019)

Alžběta Bajerová
Alžběta BajerováProject assistant
Kristýna Kalmárová
Kristýna KalmárováProject assistant
Agnieszka Ostrowska
Agnieszka OstrowskaProject coordinator for Poland
Richard Turcsányi
Richard TurcsányiProject coordinator for Slovakia
Lucie Franková
Lucie FrankováResearch assistant
Martin Plaček
Martin PlačekResearch assistant

Project partners

ChinfluenCE is an international project implemented by the Association for International Affairs (AMO) in cooperation with the Central European Institute of Asian Studies, the Central and Eastern European Center for Asian Studies and with generous support of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

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